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Why you need a beard comb in your pocket

In Beards, News by Robert Clark

Like people, beards come in all shapes and sizes. In recent years there has been a surge in male grooming, especially the beard care arena. 15 years ago there was nowhere near the number of beard oil or beard balms in existence and many bearded men didn’t use one (although they should have). So, what did men do to look after their beards? The one thing that was deemed essential was a comb. Just think back to the black and white pics of the 1900’s, and the slicked back hair and groomed bearded gentleman – this was all achieved with a good comb.

These days we rave about the benefits of a good quality beard oil or beard balm – but the humble comb in all its splendour gets much less attention. So, why does a good comb need your attention. Below I’ll outline a few points:


Need I say any more? Just like hair, knots inevitably develop in your hair. Not only does this lead to an unsightly look, but there’s a host of other problems associated with this. Firstly, well groomed detangled beard hair allows sweat and other debris to escape your beard more easily. As unpleasant as it sounds, the sweat is allowed to run down the hair and away from your face. If your beard’s knotty, it will hold onto the sweat and dust much more not only making your mane a more unhygienic environment, but also leading to drying of the hairs.


Beards can grow (and do) in quite a random fashion. You may find that your beard is beginning to grow in swirls in patches or even in the opposite direction. Combing your beard regularly will help to train the hairs in the same direction – which is what you ultimately want, right?


Hair is dead. That’s not quite correct. The base of the hair, embedded in your skin, is called the hair follicle and contains living tissue. It is from the hair follicle that your beard hair grows. Using  a beard comb helps stimulate your skin and the hair follicles too.


The bigger your beard gets, the deeper below your skin becomes. With your face being hidden by so many layers, it can become quite neglected. Skin sheds dead skin cells constantly, but these skin cells can become trapped by your beard, building up into a layer of flakiness. A good quality beard comb or beard brush will help to clean your beard so you will never get a build up.


Your skin secretes sebum onto the hair. This is your very own beard oiling machine. However, as perfect as we are, the uniformity of this is not always what one might expect. You’ve heard of an oily t zone – this is where the skin is more oily on the chin, nose and across the forehead. A beard comb and indeed a beard brush, will help to distribute naturally produced and man made beard oils throughout your beard.

Those are just a few pointers why a beard comb needs to be an essential part of your grooming lineup. If you’ve got any questions, ask away.