Beard or no beard

To beard, or not to beard

In Beards by Robert Clark

Not sure whether to grow a beard? Here´s an objective approach to answering the question.

Reasons why you should grow a beard

  1. Beards block out a significant portion of UV light – it´s been reported up 95% of harmful UV rays get blocked by your locks of facial hair. Advantage: reduces likelihood of skin cancer and will reduce ageing of your skin.
  2. Keeps your face cosy. With winter fast approaching, a beard is a free duvet for your face. Never have cold cheeks again!
  3. Look older. This one’s not for everyone, but if you have trouble passing yourself off as an adult, a beard may very well be the answer.
  4. A whole new identity. If you want a fresh start, grow a beard. You’ll be unrecognized by your friends and family (you might have to go into hiding for the growing stage for the best results).
  5. Be Santa at your Christmas party. Nothing beats a real beard when dressing up as Santa. Unless you´ve already turned grey, you might have to crack open a can of snow spray to whiten it up for ultimate effect.
  6. As it´s November, we can´t forget the fact that growing a mo (and a beard) can help you do your bit to raise awareness (and hopefully money) towards mens health. For more info, check out
  7. Single? Try growing a beard, you might end up not single. No guarantees.
  8. Bad skin? Growing a beard, even in the short term, might be the answer you´ve been looking for. Shaving often exacerbates skin conditions. Giving your skin a break by growing a beard will give it time to heal – not to mention it will hide it in the short term giving you a new lease of confidence.
  9. Change: if you´ve been swinging the same style since the 80´s or 90’s, now´s a good time to shake it up a bit, and do it properly.
  10. Save money. It´s getting closer to Christmas whether you like to admit it or not. With all the extra spending, money can be tight. You could save a score on shaving products which will give you some spending money to buy some of our epic beard oil.

Reasons not to grow a beard

  1. You’re a sales rep for a shaving company.

So, there´s the unbiased arguments to grow or not to grow a beard. We hope this helps you make your mind up. 🙂