The Barbesco Team

Meet our small friendly Barbesco team. We´re all very passionate about beards and more importantly quality hand made and premium products. It takes a varied mix to bring all of the skills needed to make the best beard care products ever and we´re confident you´ll agree. Find out more about each of us below

Robert Clark

Founder & Product development   Robert has extensive knowledge in science covering ...

Roman Clark

Marketing Communication Consultant Roman advises us on all aspects of our communications ...

Sarah Clark

Health & Beauty Consultant Sarah has a wealth of experience in cosmetics and beauty and has ...

James Metzger

Product Evaluator James is an energetic businessman owning two restaurants in Palma de ...


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How Did Barbesco Start?

Robert founded Barbesco in 2015. Twelve months were spent researching and developing a range of premium and organic beard oils, beard balms / pomades and other mens care products such as mustache wax, lip balm and shampoos. Both Robert & Sarah have had experience in industry of cosmetics and have key skills in formulations, with Robert spending most of his career in the field of science and cosmetics.
Sarah is trained in Health & beauty and also blending of oils, specifically essential oils & carrier oils.

But Barbesco needed more. Running a beard care business needs more than just a fantastic product and so Roman stepped up bringing his marketing and social media skills to the table. It’s quite likely that you ended up here through Roman’s efforts reaching out to you on one of the social platforms.
James is just a great guy with a great beard. He’s used many brands of Beard Care over the years, and works with Barbesco in evaluating and testing our products. He’s not the only product evaluator, but before we send any new product out to our testers, James is the first to critique our efforts.