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Bearded Brethren

In Beards by Roman Clark

Horseshoe. Doormat. Pencil. Aside from items you might find lying about your garden shed, these titles constitute a miniscule selection of descriptive terms from the global glossary of male facial hair.

Beards are nothing new; over time, the compendium of names, and the styles they represent, has grown exponentially. Like language and wine, the list has matured, gradually unfolding into an Aladdin’s Cave of old echoes and new discoveries that transcend cultural norms and explosive fads, while the beards themselves constitute powerful symbols in their own right.

Undoubtedly, the beard has presided over many trends. With the coming and going of myriad styles, it has weathered certain phases that remain better off buried in the land that time forgot. Others, such as the more recent peak in European fashions, have navigated the latest tri-annual cycle admirably. Italy, with its compact and highly-sculpted brand of bristles, provides a case in point.

The unifying concept that oils beards the world over into a cohesive icon to which men of every walk and race may aspire is evolution. When you consider it, the very nature of hair, or any human growth for that matter, is fascinating in its fluidity; nothing remains the same. One man may change his facial hair several times in the course of a year, or even in as brief a period as a single month. Progress is empowering; and, by default, it places beard care on a high rung in the ladder of male grooming.

>> Barbesco is a pioneer brand. It’s not the wheel that the company has sought to reinvent, and its founder is well aware that beard oils and pomades for men’s facial hair have been integral to male grooming for thousands of years. While Barbesco is not in the business of adding its flag to territory already staked by the ancient Greeks, it is, however, keen to advance developments in the male cosmetics industry.

Insight #1

Beard Care by Skin Type

Beards are skin-deep: the quality and thickness of the hairs that you bear to the world are a direct reflection of the health at each strand’s root. This is why caring for the skin you might well be hiding beneath your beard is as essential as grooming the visible growth.

Barbesco differentiates its beard oils and other products according to skin type, supporting luxuriant beards by caring for the epidermis concealed beneath. If you produce high levels of sebum, for instance, you would benefit from the oily-skin range, formulated to nourish the hairs with high-quality oils while safeguarding against overloading the beard with dense fats such as those found in castor oil.

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