Beware Excess

Beware Excess

In Beards by Roman Clark

The current season is characterised by weather cold enough to cause discomfort but not yet coloured with enough festive spirit to make it bearable. With only a few short weeks before commercial chaos truly takes off, men the nation over are pulled in one of two directions: fight the winter blues and get in shape – after all, it’s nearly time to get out that velvet jacket for the work do, and, more worryingly, fit into it for a series of over-priced fusion dinners and awkward conversations with your boss. Alternatively, fend off the frost with a whisky in hand. And may pie be with you always.

Extravagance and excess: man’s worst enemies under the guise of best buds. And don’t think sculpted abs will be your only dream to go up in smoke as a result of their corrupting influence.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll soon be joining the ranks of the sluggish and the sullen, the unkempt Brits battling winter with the hollow promise of stale mulled wine at the close of business; normal but rotund men whose image used to fill you with dread as you killed those squat circuits in the name of glistening glutes. And before you know it, you too will be cycling an extra two kilos uphill in the sleet, and putting on a brave face in the office (even though smiling gives you hamster cheeks.).

Fear not. Defy the downward spiral by keeping a cool head and following our steps to manly victory.

Planning an eating and exercise programme to get in shape will be easier once you’ve owned up to scoffing too much meat-feast pizza. While packing on a layer or two of extra insulation in the colder months is not such a terrible crime – it frees up energy otherwise spent keeping you toasty, and may help combat illness – be aware that consuming unchecked quantities of foods high in sugar and saturated fats could be the source of your lethargy and low morale. Acknowledge where you’re at, and make a list of achievable goals to lose fat or maintain a healthy weight.

>> Since your skin and hair are windows onto your inner state, conforming to option two (the beer and pie version) will mean your beard in particular will take a serious blow this winter. And, while you might be happy frosting your whiskers with snow spray just to see the gleeful looks on the faces of your young relatives, we sincerely doubt you actually want to look like the Christmas icon himself with dry tips and split ends.

Using Barbesco beard oil will not only nourish your facial hair but will also soothe and deeply moisturise the irritated skin beneath. The winter wind and cold air give your face a real working over so it’s particularly important to protect exposed areas. Applying Barbesco beard oil in the morning will form a barrier and seal in moisture while you brave the elements and the dreaded heaters at work. While not also try massaged a few drops into your beard at night? Applied thirty minutes before your face hits the pillow, the oil will have ample time to soak in, allowing the formula to continue working wonders while you sleep.

Shop the new range in the Barbesco store, and go give your beard some loving.

Roman is a 30 year-old communications specialist and health aficionado. Based in Rome, Italy, he contributes to the beard health and lifestyle column and is the company´s marketing and communications consultant.