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7 Must-Dos for Better Looking Hair

In Beards by Robert Clark

Every man in the world knows that maintaining a perfect beard & hair look can be very difficult, especially if he’s not familiar with all the products available on the market. If you’re one of those men – welcome to the club! Stay with us and learn about seven must-dos for better-looking hair.

Be patient with your beard

Growing a beard can be a real challenge, and the key to success lies in patience. It won’t grow out overnight, so try not to expect too much and you won’t end up disappointed. Make sure to find all kinds of different products that guarantee success, such as beard wash, a sandalwood comb, beard balm, and inevitably a beard oil. Of course, these products largely depend on your skin type, so keep reading and learn more about that.

Dry skin underneath the scruff requires extra moisture…

Your beard needs a healthy base if you want it to be healthy too, so pay extra attention to the skin underneath it. If it’s dry, you’ll need a product which will replenish lost moisture and hydrate it to the max. Beard oil for dry skin is one of the top picks since it tames the beard while nourishing the skin under it. What’s great about this product is the fact that it can be used even if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema.

… Whereas oily skin needs a special formula

On the other hand, a beard that grows from oily skin requires a completely different approach. It needs a formula which will help with getting rid of excessive oil, but without drying it out too much. So, beard oil for oily skin is what you should look for – it’ll reduce itchiness, soothe your skin to the max, and condition your scruff at the same time. Make sure to get a product that contains coconut oil since it does wonders by reducing excess sebum production.

Avoid over-washing

Let’s move on to your hair now! Even though you probably tend to wash it on a daily basis, the truth is that it’s not such a smart idea. In fact, over-washing will just make it even drier and therefore prone to breakage, which is what you should avoid at all costs. Instead, determine your hair type and limit washing to once or twice a week. Besides shampoo, you should also use conditioner, which will result in much smoother and healthier hair.

Be smart with your styling

Men also need to consider their beard styling, which is important for a clean and groomed look. Of course, you’ll have to rely on good razors or trimmers that are not harmful to your hair and skin. Learning from that, a double edge razor will be the best option. Apart from that, you should know that style matters – research beard shapes that will suit you and don’t experiment too much until you come up with the right look.

Pat your hair dry, don’t rub it

Contrary to popular belief, rubbing your hair hard after washing is not as beneficial as you probably thought. Of course, it speeds up the process of drying, but it actually does more harm than good. This towel drying technique is highly likely to cause breakage simply because hair tends to be weaker when wet, which is exactly why it’s prone to damage. So, try to cut out this bad habit as soon as possible!

The key to success lies in balance

One of the most important things to remember is that the key to success lies in balance. This means that you really don’t have to use a bunch of different hair and beard products just because everyone else does. Instead, you should rely on them if there are particular issues related to your hair and beard – if there aren’t, just use a regular shampoo and beard oil for normal skin, and you’ll be good to go!

As you can see, there are so many ways to keep your hair and beard on point, even though you probably thought it’s an impossible mission. Remember that everything is possible if you stick to our tips and opt for appropriate products. Once that’s done, you’re halfway there!

Peter is a men’s grooming writer at The Beard Mag and The Distinguished Beardsman magazine from UK. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.